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John G Kenerson, MD, FACC

As one of the founding partners of Cardiovascular Associates, Dr. Kenerson has spent a career dedicated to developing multiple innovative and integrative tertiary level cardiology programs to serve the Virginia Beach community, with hospital directorship and multi-level medical system leadership roles too numerous to list. With his wife Lisbet Hanson M.D., they formed Partners In Dance to support and develop a home studio for TRDance, Virginia Ballet Theater, and the Governor’s School Dance Program with now a decade of profound impact on the arts.  Dr. Kenerson was the recipient of the 2009 Krueger Lectureship Virginia Beach Physician of the Year Award in recognition of his extensive medical and community service.

Dr. Kenerson also received the Medical Society of Virginia 2009 Salute to International Service Award, an honor he shared with his OB/GYN wife Lisbet, in recognition of their dedicated work in global health, primarily in Haiti. Through their Colleagues in Care 501c3 organization, they have built a new medical clinic in Baptiste, Haiti. In the mountains near the Dominican Republic border with a high population of destitute poor, they started with a mother/infant unit, and are progressing to construction and development of an inpatient hospital facility.  With extensive accomplishments reflecting innovative and collaborative education, training, and program development, they have developed an international reputation for their global women’s health and hypertension work.  John and Lisbet were also recognized as co-recipients of the 2012 University Of Vermont College Of Medicine Alumni Service to Medicine and Community Award.

Believing in the importance of teaching and education, over the past decade Dr. Kenerson has spearheaded development of a mentoring program for local high school students interested in medicine as a helping and healing profession including global health. The Kenerson family has supported an AAMC Global Health Learning Opportunities grant allowing Haiti medical students to visit American medical schools for educational rotations, while they have taught and worked closely with the Dean of the State Medical School on many education initiatives.  They have mentored and trained many Haitian physicians now moving into leadership positions in their country, and are having an impact in the world.  In 2010, Dr. Kenerson was honored by the graduating class of Eastern Virginia Medical School as the EVMS Baccalaureate speaker.

With multiple international hypertension leaders, Dr Kenerson is a co-author of the frequently referenced Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Hypertension in the Community, a joint statement endorsed by the American and International Societies of Hypertension.  This guideline was based on work in Haiti and the concept of the challenge of Best Possible Practice, outlined in his published manuscript on Hypertension in Haiti.   He also serves as the Co-chair of the World Hypertension League (60 member countries) Expert Committee on BP measurement and Screening, with multiple standard setting publications.  Published research in collaboration with the ODU Department of Mechanical and Aerospace  Engineering to develop a vibrational energy self -powered automatic BP measurement device will represent a game changing implementation for these recommendations.  While having global impact, Dr Kenerson is now involved in bringing hypertension lessons learned for a glocal or global to local approach to impact health.  This comprehensive population based program ultimately will include public and provider education, research, BP screening, hypertension diagnosis including secondary causes, management and control including the challenge of resistant hypertension.   It represents an integrated and comprehensive approach that is focused on improving the devastating far reaching effects of hypertension in our community.


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