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healow™ – Your Patient Portal

Access your Patient Portal online or with the app!

As of November 1st, 2020, Bayview Physicians Group is now offering an improved Patient Portal experience through healow™.

If you have visited a Bayview practice, or have scheduled any appointments since November 1st, 2020, a healow™ account has been automatically created for you.

Your username will usually be your email address, but you can click here to verify your username. If you are unsure of your password, click here to reset it.

Download the App!

The healow™ app is available on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and the Google Play store, respectively.

After you download the app, you will need to enter Bayview’s practice code (shown here).

healow™ Practice Code


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to set up a new account in healow™ if I already have an account in FollowMyHealth?

If you have visited a Bayview practice or scheduled an appointment since November 1, 2020, a healow™ account has already been created for you. If not, follow the steps above to set up an account in Healow.

Will my current user name and password for FollowMyHealth work for healow™?

No, healow™ is operated by a different company, so usernames and passwords were not carried over. For most patients, their healow™ username will be the email address that Bayview has on file for them. If multiple patients share an email address, they can click the “Forgot Username” link on the login page to retrieve their username.

Will all of my health information transfer over to healow™ from FollowMyHealth?

Yes. All existing lab results, medications, vitals, and immunization records have been migrated. If you are missing any records from your Healow account, your provider’s office can resend them.

Will my FollowMyHealth account remain active?

Yes. If you already have a FollowMyHealth account, you will continue to be able to log in and access existing documents. However, you will be unable to request prescription refills or send messages to your providers. Additionally, no new information will be sent to FollowMyHealth from Bayview Physicians Group.

I do not have a primary care physician; can I still establish a Healow account with Bayview?

Yes. Any patient with a Bayview physician or who has visited a NowCare Urgent Care Center may establish a Healow account.

How do I get access to use the healow™ app?

The healow™ app is available for iPhones and iPads in the App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play store.

Can I schedule an appointment with my doctor in healow™?

At this time, this feature is unavailable through the healow™ app.  However, you are able to request an appointment directly by logging on to the patient portal HERE  or at

Can I request a prescription refill via healow™?

Yes! Requesting a prescription refill is easy! You no longer have to call the pharmacy or office.

Can I contact my doctor or nurse in healow™?

Yes! Sending a message to your provider is easy in the healow™ app. Select My Records, then Messages and Choose your Provider.

Are my lab results and other test results available in healow™?

Yes! Lab results and other tests are posted in the healow™ app as soon as they are available. You no longer have to wait for a call from the office. Select My Records, then Results.

How do I establish an account for my children?

Accounts for minors must be set up by your provider’s office.

Using the healow™ app, you can link all of your family members’ accounts and switch between them with a single swipe. Accounts for minors must first be set up by your provider’s office.  Multiple accounts can be manually added by tapping on the patient name in the top-left corner of the app, and clicking “Link Another Account” and signing in.

Can I see my visit summaries in healow™?

Yes!  Your visit summaries, medical history and vaccinations are available in healow™. It is easy to download or print any needed documents. Select My Records, then Appointments, then Visit Summary.

Can I print my children’s immunization records?

Yes!  It’s easy to download or print immunization records from healow™. Select My Records, then Immunizations.

Will I get appointment reminders and notifications via the healow™ app?

Yes! You can set up notifications within the healow™ app for appointment reminders. You will still receive email reminders.

Who do I contact for technical help?

If you are having difficulties getting into your account, contact your provider’s office, and they can manually reset your username or password for you.

If you aren’t seeing certain documents, results, or other medical records in your account, send a message to your provider, and they can resend the information to your portal.